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Pet and Her Cat, from the Harper's

Now, Pussy, I've something to tell you:
You know it is New-Year's Day;
The big folks are down in the parlor,
And mamma is just gone away.

We are all alone in the nursery,
And I want to talk to you, dear;
So you must come and sit by me,
And make believe you hear.

You see, there's a new year coming—
It only begins to-day.
Do you know I was often naughty
In the year that is gone away?

You know I have some bad habits,
I'll mention just one or two;
But there really is quite a number
Of naughty things that I do.

You see, I don't learn my lessons,
And oh! I do hate them so;
I doubt if I know any more to-day
Than I did a year ago.

Perhaps I am awfully stupid;
They say I'm a dreadful dunce.
How would you like to learn spelling?
I wish you could try it once.

And don't you remember Christmas—
'Twas naughty, I must confess—
But while I was eating my dinner
I got two spots on my dress.

And they caught me stealing the sugar;
But I only got two little bits,
When they found me there in the closet,
And frightened me out of my wits.

And, Pussy, when people scold me,
I'm always so sulky then;
If they only would tell me gently,
I never would do it again.

Oh, Pussy! I know I am naughty,
And often it makes me cry:
I think it would count for something,
If they knew how hard I try.

But I'll try again in the new year,
And oh! I shall be so glad
If I only can be a good little girl,
And never do anything bad!