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Fair Play, from Harper's


Dear little May sat grieving alone,
With a pout on her lip and a tear in her eye,
Till kind old grandmamma chanced to pass,
And soon discovered the reason why.
"The children are planning a fair," sobbed she,
"And 'cause I'm so little, they won't—have—me!"

So grandmamma thought of a beautiful plan,
And whispered a secret in little May's ear—
Something which brought out the dimples and smiles,
And scattered with sunshine the pitiful tear.
Then off to grandmamma's room they went,
On something important very intent.

Well, the fair came off on a certain day,
And what do you think was the first thing sold?
A beautiful pair of worsted reins,
All knit in scarlet and green and gold.
The "big girls" wondered how came they there—
"The prettiest thing in the children's fair!"

Then out stepped May, with her cheeks so red:
"You said there was nothing that I could do,
'Cause I was little; but I made those,
And now, I guess, I'm as big as you!"
So little May at the fair that day
Was the reigning queen, it is fair to say.