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Tommy's Valentine by Mrs. M. D. Brine


He was only a little street sweeper, you know,
Barefooted, and ragged as one could be;
But blue were his eyes as the far-off skies,
And a brave-hearted laddie was Tommy Magee.
But it chanced on the morning of Valentine's Day
Our little street sweeper felt lonely and sad;
"For there's no fun," thought he, "for a fellow like me,
And a valentine's something that I never had."

But he flourished his broom, and the crossing made clean
For the ladies and gentlemen passing his way;
And he gave them a smile, singing gayly the while,
In honor, of course, of St. Valentine's Day.
Now it happened a party of bright little girls,
All dainty and rosy, and brimming with glee,
Came over the crossing, a careless glance tossing
To poor little barefooted Tommy Magee.

But all of a sudden then one of them turned,
And running to Tommy, thrust into his hand,
With a smile and a blush, and the whispered word "Hush,"
A beautiful valentine. You'll understand
How Tommy stood gazing, with wondering eyes,
After the group of wee ladies so fine,
As with joy without measure he held his new treasure;
And this is how Tommy got his valentine.