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The First Valentine - from Harper's


Ah, Jamie, don't you understand
The little heart that's in my hand?
The plain white heart with rosy band;
Can you not read the simple sign?
It is your first sweet Valentine.

"Come here and take it from me, dear;
It will not hurt, you need not fear;
You'll see, if you will come more near,
It only bears one little line,
'To Jamie! My first Valentine!'"

Then Cupid, laughing, said, "Ah me!
How calm this baby beau can be!
But wait awhile, and we shall see
What toys, with gold and jewels fine,
He'll send to some sweet Valentine.

"Just leave your heart, Miss Leonore,
He'll take it soon, and long for more:
The little lad is only four.
Some day, a hero bold and fine,
He'll send full many a Valentine."