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Helping Himself to Cake by M. E.


Fast asleep fell Madeline,
Fairy-book held in one hand,
In the other slice of cake—
Slept, and drifted to the land
Where the spirits of the dreams
Many wondrous visions keep—
Visions that are only seen
When the eyes are closed in sleep.

Dreamed the little Madeline
That she was a princess fair,
Beautiful as that proud maid
Famous for her golden hair.
And at splendid feast she sat,
And a prince sat by her side,
Handsome as the prince who won
"Sleeping Beauty" for his bride;

Dreamed a cake—a wedding cake—
She dispensed to courtly throng,
Cutting it with knife of gold,
While the "Blue Bird" sang a song.
Largest piece received the prince,
And he whispered, "This is bliss,"
As he kissed her hand and gave
Ring of diamond with the kiss.

But ere long the dream grew dim,
Feast and courtiers vanished quite,
Diamond ring and lover too
Softly faded from her sight;
And the only prince she saw
(She was once more wide-awake)
Was a little prince of mice
Nibbling at her slice of cake.