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P.'S Correspondence by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Pace of Youth by Stephen Crane

Pack of Ragamuffins by Grimm Brothers

Padre Ignazio by Owen Wister

Pain by Rupert Hughes

Pain Epicures by Edward Page Mitchell

Painful Case by James Joyce

Painted Windows by Elia Wilkinson Peattie

Painter by A. A. Milne

Painter of "Diana of the Tides" by Walter Prichard Eaton

Painting and A Painter

Pair of Blue Eyes by Thomas Hardy

Pair of Poachers by Ralph Henry Barbour

Pair of Silk Stockings by Kate Chopin

Pair of Stockings, From the Army

Pair of Wheels and An Old Parasol by T. A. T.

Palace of Urbino by John Addington Symonds

Palatine Light by M. H.

Pallou's Taloi by Louis Becke

Palmy Days of Nance Oldfield by Edward Robins

Palu of the Equatorial Pacific by Louis Becke

Pan by Knut Hamsun

Panchronicon by Harold Steele Mackaye

Pandora by Henry James

Pandora's Box by Frank Wedekind

Panic Fears by Anton Chekov

Panic Terror, Gods of Olympus

Paolo's Awakening by Jacob A. Riis

Papers by Henry James

Parables from Flowers by Gertrude P. Dyer

Paradise of Gamblers by Edgar Fawcett

Paradise Trail by Fannie Hurst

Parent's Feelings by George Gissing

Paris by Hans Scherfig

Paris Exposition of 1878, I. by Edward H. Knight

Paris Exposition of 1878, II. by Edward H. Knight

Paris Notes by Mark Twain

Paris Revisited by By Henry James

Paris Sketch Book of Mr. M. A. Titmarsh by William Makepeace Thackeray

Parisians in the Country by Honore de Balzac

Parmelee’s “Spread” by Ralph Henry Barbour

Parnassus On Wheels by Christopher Morley

Parricide by Guy de Maupassant

Parrot by Gouverneur Morris

Parrot by Guy de Maupassant

Parsees by Fannie Roper Feudge

Parson's Daughter of Oxney Colne by Anthony Trollope

Parthenon By Way Of Papendrecht by F. Hopkinson Smith

Parties of Great Britain by David Hume

Parting Genius by Helen Coale Crew

Parting of The Ways by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Partnership of the Thief and the Liar by Andrew Lang

Party and Other Stories by Anton Chekhov

Passages From The American Notebooks, V1 by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Passages From The American Notebooks, V2 by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Passages From the English Notebooks by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Passages From the French and Italian Notebooks by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Passing Around the Fodder! by Jonathan F. Kelley

Passing of Cock-Eye Blacklock by Frank Norris

Passing of Domsie by Ian Maclaren

Passing of Grandison by Charles Waddell Chesnutt

Passing of Marcus O'Brien by Jack London

Passing of Sister Barsett by Sarah Orne Jewett

Passion in the Desert by Honore de Balzac

Passionate Pilgrim by Henry James

Passports, Gentlemen by A. H.

Past by Ellen Glasgow

Paste by Henry James

Pastoral Affair by Charles A. Stearns

Pastoral Horror by Arthur Conan Doyle

Pastor's Son by William W. Walter

Pat Ball by A. A. Milne

Patagonia by Henry James

Patch and the Chickens, edited by Andrew Lang

Patchwork by Anna Balmer Myers

Patent Medicine Testimonial by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Path of a Star by Mrs. Everard Cotes

Path of Duty by Henry James

Path of the King by John Buchan

Path to Home by Edgar A. Guest

Path to Honour by Sydney C. Grier

Pathfinder by James Fenimore Cooper

Patricia Brent, Spinster by Herbert Jenkins

Patrician by John Galsworthy

Patriot by Antonio Fogazzaro

Patron by Guy de Maupassant

Patronage by Maria Edgeworth

Patrons of Husbandry by Marie Rowland

Patty Rutter, The Quaker Doll Who Slept in Independence Hall by Sarah J. Prichard

Patty's Butterfly Days by Carolyn Wells

Paul and Virginia by Bernardin de Saint Pierre

Paul Clifford by Edward Bulwer-Lytton

Paul Faber, Surgeon by George MacDonald

Paul Ferroll by Caroline Wigley Clive

Paul Jones by Hutchins Hapgood

Paul Patoff by F. Marion Crawford

Paul the Minstrel and Other Stories by Arthur Christopher Benson

Paula the Waldensian by Eva Lecomte

Pauline's Passion and Punishment by Louisa May Alcott

Pausanias, the Spartan by Late Lord Lytton

Pavilion on the Links by Robert Louis Stevenson

Payable Gold by Henry Lawson

Paying Guest by George Gissing

Payment in Full by Robert Herrick

Paz by Honore de Balzac

Pea Blossom by Hans Christian Andersen

Peace Manoeuvres by Richard Harding Davis

Peace On Earth, Goodwill to Men, Translated by R. H. Bathgate

Peak and Prairie by Anna Fuller

Pearl Maiden by H. Rider Haggard

Pearl of India by Maturin M. Ballou

Pearl of Love by Madeline Leslie

Pearl of Orr's Island by Harriet Beecher Stowe

Pearls and the Swine by Barry Pain

Pearls of Sulu by Sargent Kayme

Peasant and the Devil by Grimm Brothers

Peasant and the Prince by Harriet Martineau

Peasant Marey by Fyodor Doestoyevsky

Peasant Proprietor Ovsyanikov by Ivan Turgenev

Peasant's Wise Daughter by Grimm Brothers

Peculiar Man by Anton Chekhov

Pedlar's Pack by Lucie E. Jackson

Peep into One of God's Storehouses by Jane Andrews

Peep into Royal Treasuries - from Harper's

Peg O' My Heart by J. Hartley Manners

Pelham; Or, The Adventures Of A Gentleman by Edward Bulwer Lytton

Pelican by Edith Wharton

Pell Street Blues by Achmed Abdullah

Pelle the Conqueror, Vol. 1 by Martin Anderson Nexo

Pelle the Conqueror, Vol. 2 by Martin Anderson Nexo

Pelle the Conqueror, Vol. 3 by Martin Anderson Nexo

Pelle the Conqueror, Vol. 4 by Martin Anderson Nexo

Pellucidar by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Pen and the Inkstand by Hans Christian Andersen

Penalty of Kissing your own Wife by Jonathan F. Kelley

Penelope's Needlework by Amy Walton

Penelope's Party Waist by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Penguin Island by Anatole France

Penningtons' Girl by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Penny Budget of Wit, edited by R. H. Cunningham

Penrod and Sam by Booth Tarkington

Penrod by Booth Tarkington

Penshurst Castle by Emma Marshall

Pension Beaurepas by Henry James

Pensioner by William Caine

People Like That by Kate Langley Bosher

People of the Abyss by Jack London

People of the Dark by Robert E. Howard

People of the Mist by H. Rider Haggard

People of the Pit by Abraham Merritt

People of the Whirlpool by Mabel Osgood Wright

People That Time Forgot by Edgar Rice Burroughs

People Who Have Good Impulses by Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr

Pepita Jimenez by Juan Valera

Percy by Hannah More

Pere Antoine's Date-Palm by Thomas Bailey Aldrich

Pereat Rochus by Antonio Fogazzaro

Peregrine Pickle by Tobias Smollett

Pericles and President Lincoln - The Atlantic

Perilous Secret by Charles Reade

Perils of Certain English Prisoners by Charles Dickens

Perils of Pauline by Charles Goddard

Perils of Wealth by Jonathan F. Kelley

Permanent Stiletto by W. C. Morrow

Pero, the Porcupine by Ellen Velvin

Perpetual Curate by Margaret Oliphant

Personal Recollections of Anton Pavlovitch Chekhov by Maxim Gorky

Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc, Volume 1 by Mark Twain

Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc, Volume 2 by Mark Twain

Personal Reminiscences of the Late Henry Thomas Buckle - Atlantic

Personal Sketches of Some French Litterateurs by Arthur Venner

Personally Conducted, A Cricket Story by P. G. Wodehouse

Persuasion by Jane Austen

Perversity of Human Nature by Ada Cambridge

Pessimist by Robert Timsol

Pet and Her Cat, from the Harper's

Petchenyeg by Anton Chekhov

Peter by Jacob A. Riis
Peter God by James Oliver Curwood

Peter Goldthwaite's Treasure by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Peter Ibbetson by George du Marier et al

Peter Schlemihl by Adelbert Von Chamisso

Peter the Hermit by August Strindberg

Peter the Priest by Mor Jokai
Peterkins Celebrate the Fouth of July by Lucretia P. Hale

Petrel and the Black Swan by Anonymous

Petticoat Influence, A Football Story by P. G. Wodehouse

Petunias, That's for Remembrance by Dorothy Canfield

Peveril of the Peak by Sir Walter Scott

Phantom Rickshaw by Rudyard Kipling

Phantoms by Ivan Turgenev

Phantoms Of The Foot-Bridge by Charles Egbert Craddock

Pharaoh and the Priest by Boleslaw Prus

Philanderers by A. E. W. Mason

Philanthropist by Josephine Daskam

Philip Vasilyevich's Story by Maxim Gorky

Philistia by Grant Allen

Philopena by Frank R. Stockton

Philosopher David Friederich Strauss As A Poet by W. W. C.

Philosopher in the Apple Orchard by Anthony Hope

Philosopher's Pendulum by Rudolph Lindau

Philosophy 4 by Owen Wister

Philosophy of Relative Existences by Frank R. Stockton

Philosophy of Teaching by Nathaniel Sands

Philothea by Lydia Maria Child

Phil's Fairies by Mrs. W. J. Hays

Phineas and the Motor Car by Eleanor H. Porter

Phineas Finn by Anthony Trollope

Phineas Redux by Anthony Trollope

Phoebe, Junior by Margaret Oliphant

Phoenix by Thomas Middleton

Phonograph and the Graft by O Henry
Photograph of the Soul by Daniel Clark, M.D.

Photographer and Philosopher by August Strindberg

Photographing Wild Game by W. B. Devereux

Phroso by Anthony Hope

Physiology of Marriage by Honore de Balzac

Physiology of Marriage Part 2 by Honore de Balzac

Physiology of Marriage Part 3 by Honore de Balzac

Piano by Dorothy Canfield

Piano Tuner by Barry Pain

Piccadilly Jim by P.G. Wodehouse

Pickle the Spy by Andrew Lang

Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens

Picture and Text by Henry James

Picture by Alexander Kuprin

Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

Picture Season In London by Henry James

Pictures From Italy by Charles Dickens

Piece of Possible History by Edward Everett Hale

Piece of Red Calico by Frank R. Stockton

Piece of String by Guy de Maupassant

Pieces in Early Youth, 1834-'42 by Walt Whitman

Pierian Springs and the Last Straw by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Pierre And Jean by Guy de Maupassant

Pierre Grassou by Honore de Balzac

Pierrette by Honore de Balzac

Pierrot by Guy de Maupassant

Pietro of Abano by Ludwig Tieck

Pig and the Whitle by George Gissing

Pig by Rudyard Kipling

Pigeon Express Man by Jonathan F. Kelley

Piggy Girl by Louisa M. Alcott

Pig's Penny by W. O. Stoddard

Pilgrims of New England by Mrs. J. B. Webb

Pillars of the House, V1 by Charlotte M. Yonge

Pillingshot, Detective by P. G. Wodehouse

Pills and Persimmons by Jonathan F. Kelley

Pilot of Port Creek by Burnett Fallow

Pilot, volume 1 by James Fenimore Cooper

Pilot, volume 2 by James Fenimore Cooper

Pilot's Troubles by August Strindberg

Pimpernel and Rosemary by Baroness Orczy

Pines of Lory by John Ames Mitchell

Pink and Scarlet by Susan Coolidge

Pink and White Tyranny by Harriet Beecher Stowe

Pink by Grimm Brothers

Pink Stocking by Anton Chekhov

Pioneers by James Fenimore Cooper

Piper of Dreams by James Huneker

Piper Tim by Dorothy Canfield

Pit, A Story of Chicago by Frank Norris

Pity for the Living by Sholem Naumovich Rabinovich

Pixie O'Shaughnessy by Mrs George De Horne Vaizey

Place of Honeymoons by Harold MacGrath

Plague in Bergamo by Jens Peter Jacobsen

Plain Bernice by Mrs. Cora Webber

Plain Folk by John Buchan

Plain Sister by Demetrios Bikelas

Plain Tales from the Hills by Rudyard Kipling

Planchette by Jack London

Planet of Dread by R. F. Starzl

Planet Savers by Marion Zimmer Bradley

Plantation Sketches by Margaret Devereux

Planter's Northern Bride by Caroline Lee Hentz

Plashers Mead by Compton Mackenzie

Plaski's Tunament by Thomas Nelson Page

Plattner Story by H. G. Wells

Play by Anton Chekhov

Play the Game by Ruth Comfort Mitchell

Playin' of Old Sledge at the Settlemint by Charles Egbert Craddock

Playing With Fire by Harriet Prescott Spofford

Playmate by Dorothy Canfield

Plays of Gods and Men by Lord Dunsany

Plea For Justice by Edgar Wilson Bill Nye

Pleasant History of Poor Robin, edited by R. H. Cunningham

Pleasant Street Partnership by Mary F. Leonard

Please, Sir, I Would Rather Not - Selected

Pledge Redeemed by Unknown

Plow Woman by Eleanor Gates

Plum Punch, Crime and the Courts by P. G. Wodehouse

Plum Punch, Four Short Tales by P. G. Wodehouse

Plum Punch, Life at Home by P. G. Wodehouse

Plum Punch, School Days by P. G. Wodehouse

Plum Punch, The Game's the Thing by P. G. Wodehouse

Plum Punch, The Life of Writers by P. G. Wodehouse

Po' Sandy by Charles Waddell Chesnutt

Pocket Knife by Sholem Naumovich Rabinovich

Poe and Mrs. Whitman by E. L. D.

Poems of To-Day: an Anthology, by Various

Poet and Scullery-Maid by Dorothy Canfield

Poetaster by Ben Jonson

Poetry of the Celtic Races by Ernest Renan

Poet's Portmanteau by George Gissing

Poganuc People: Their Loves and Lives by Harriet Beecher Stowe

Point in Morals by Ellen Glasgow
Point of Honor by Joseph Conrad

Point of View by Elinor Glyn

Point of View by Henry James

Pointed Roofs by Dorothy Richardson

Poison Bugaboo by Samuel Hopkins Adams

Poker Game by Stephen Crane

Polikushka, or, The Lot of a Wicked Court Servant by Leo Tolstoy

Polinka by Anton Chekhov

Politeness of Princes and Other School Stories by P. G. Wodehouse

Politeness of Questa la Platta by Mary Austin

Political Romance by Laurence Sterne

Polly by Thomas Nelson Page

Pollyanna by Eleanor H. Porter

Polly's Business Venture by Lillian Elizabeth Roy

Polydore by Kate Chopin

Pomona's Daughter by Frank R. Stockton

Pomona's Travels by Frank R. Stockton

Pomp of Yesterday by Joseph Hocking

Pomponio by Charles Franklin Carter

Pond by Carl Ewald
Ponsonby Diamonds by L.T. Meade and Clifford Halifax, M.D.

Pony that Kept the Store by Susan Coolidge

Pool in the Desert by Sara Jeanette Duncan

Pool Of The Stone God by Abraham Merritt

Poor Boy in the Grave by Grimm Brothers

Poor Clare by Elizabeth Gaskell

Poor Dear Margaret Kirby by Kathleen Norris

Poor Gentleman by George Gissing

Poor Gentleman by Hendrik Conscience

Poor Little Eddie by William Slavens McNutt

Poor Man and the Rich Man by Grimm Brothers

Poor Man's House by Stephen Sydney Reynolds

Poor Miller's Boy and the Cat by Grimm Brothers

Poor Relation's Story by Charles Dickens

Poor Richard by Henry James

Poor Rule by O Henry

Poor Thing by Robert Louis Stevenson

Poor Victorians by Arthur Machen

Poor White by Sherwood Anderson

Pop by Rupert Hughes

Pope Leo on Labor by Thomas B. Preston
Popeau Intervenes by Marie Belloc Lowndes

Pop's Idea of Fun by Mrs. Frank McCarthy

Popular Marriage Customs of Sicily by Giuseppe Pitre

Porcelain Cups by James Branch Cabell

Portal of Dreams by Charles Neville Buck

Portrait by Edith Wharton

Portrait by Guy de Maupassant
Portrait by Margaret Oliphant

Portrait of a Lady, V. 1 by Henry James

Portrait of a Lady, V. 2 by Henry James

Portrait of A Philosopher by Dorothy Canfield

Portrait of Mr. W. H.  by Oscar Wilde

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce

Portuguese Duck by Hans Christian Andersen

Portygee by Joseph C. Lincoln

Posey's Nugget by Louis A. Roberts

Possessed, The Devils by Fyodor Dostoevsky

Possessions by Earl Derr Biggers

Posson Jone by George W. Cable

Post Haste by R. M. Ballantyne

Posthumous Works by Mary Wollstonecraft

Pot Boiler by Edith Wharton

Pot Boiler by Upton Sinclair

Pothunters by P. G. Wodehouse

Pots O'Money by P. G. Wodehouse

Potter's Thumb, Vol. 1 by Flora Annie Webster Steel

Potter's Thumb, Vol. 2 by Flora Annie Webster Steel

Potter's Thumb, Vol. 3 by Flora Annie Webster Steel

Poverty and Humility Lead to Heaven by Grimm Brothers

Power and Horse Power by Fannie Hurst

Power and the Glory by Charles W. Diffin

Power and the Glory by Grace MacGowan Cooke

Power of Love by Mrs. Manley

Power of Song by Nina Case

Prairie Borgia by John G. Neihardt

Prairie Idyl by Will Lillibridge

Prairie Infanta by Eva Wilder Brodhead

Prairie Mother by Arthur Stringer

Prairie, Vol. 1 by James Fenimore Cooper

Prairie, Vol. 2 by James Fenimore Cooper

Praline Woman by Alice Dunbar

Prayers by Rupert Hughes

Prayers of St. Paul by W. H. Griffith Thomas

Preacher's Trial - The Atlantic

Preay Chamber by An Old Boy

Precaution by James Fenimore Cooper

Precaution, Vol. 1 by James Fenimore Cooper

Precaution, Vol. 2 by James Fenimore Cooper

Precious Bane by Mary Webb

Precipice by Elia Wilkinson Peattie

Precipice by Ivan Goncharov

Prefect's Uncle by P. G. Wodehouse

Preliminaries by Cornelia A. P. Comer

Present at a Hanging and Other Ghost Stories, by Ambrose Bierce

Present Literary Situation In France by Henry James

Prester John by John Buchan

Pretext by Edith Wharton

Pretty Girl in the Army by Henry Lawson

Pretty Lady by Arnold E. Bennett

Pretty Michal by Mor Jokai

Pretty Ways by George Gissing

Price of a Pair of Shoes by Eleanor H. Porter

Price of Love by Arnold Bennett

Price of Romance by Robert Herrick

Price of the Prairie by Margaret Hill McCarter

Price of Things by Elinor Glyn

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Priest's Tale - Pere Etienne by Robert Keable

Primadonna by F. Marion Crawford

Prime Minister by Anthony Trollope

Prince and Betty by P. G. Wodehouse

Prince and the Page by Charlotte M. Yonge

Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain

Prince Eugene and His Times by L. Muhlbach

Prince Hassak's March by Frank R. Stockton

Prince Life by E. V. Lucas

Prince of Bohemia by Honore de Balzac

Prince of Graustark by George Barr McCutcheon

Prince of India, Volume 1 by Lew. Wallace

Prince of India, Volume 2 by Lew. Wallace

Prince or Chauffeur by Lawrence Perry

Prince Otto by R. L. Stevenson

Princess Aline by Richard Harding Davis

Princess And The Jewel Doctor by Robert Hichens

Princess by Anton Chekhov

Princess by Jack London

Princess Casamassima by Henry James

Princess Djouher-Manikam, translated by Aristide Marre and Chauncey C. Starkweather

Princess Idleways by Mrs. W. J. Hayes

Princess Joceliande by A.E.W. Mason

Princess Maritza by Percy Brebner

Princess Mayblossom - From, La Princesse Printaniere. Par Mme. d'Aulnoy

Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Princess of Ponthieu by Unknown

Princess Priscilla's Fortnight by Elizabeth von Arnim

Princess Rosette by Charles Perrault

Princess Zara by Ross Beeckman

Principles of Philosophy by Rene Descartes

Priscilla by Dora Sigerson Shorter

Prisoner by Alice Brown
Prisoner Dubois by Seranus

Prisoner of Morro by Upton Sinclair

Prisoner of War by P. G. Wodehouse

Prisoner of Zembla by O. Henry

Prisoners by Guy de Maupassant

Prisoners of Conscience by Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr

Prisoners of Hope by Mary Johnston

Prisoners on the Electron by Robert H. Leitfred

Private History of a Campaign that Failed by Mark Twain

Private Life by Henry James

Private Life of Henry Maitland by Morley Roberts

Private Memoirs And Confessions Of A Justified Sinner by James Hogg

Private of the King's Own Scottish Borderers by John & Jean Lang

Private Papers of Henry Ryecroft by George Gissing

Privet Hedge by J. E. Buckrose

Privy Councillor by Anton Chekhov

Prize Girl of the Harnessing Class by Susan Coolidge

Prize Lodger by George Gissing

Pro, A Cricket Story by P. G. Wodehouse

Pro Patria by Achmed Abdullah

Probationer by Ian Maclaren

Problem by Anton Chekhov

Problem by by Henry James

Problem in Communication by Miles J. Breuer, M.D.

Problem of Dead Wood Hall by Dick Donovan
Problem of the Steel Door by Arthur B. Reeve

Problem of the Widow Salvini by Jacob A. Riis

Procession of Life by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Prodigal Brother by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Prodigal Father by J. Storer Clouston

Prodigal Returns by Lilian Staveley

Prodigal Son by Katharine Tynan

Professional Aunt by Mary C.E. Wemyss

Professional Work for Women by Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr

Professor And Teacher by James Morgan Hart

Professor At the Breakfast Table - Atlantic

Professor by Charlotte Bronte

Professor Fargo by By Henry James

Professor Milliter's Dilemma by Grant Allen

Professor on Twinkling, from the Harper's

Professor Todd's Used Car by L. H. Robbins

Professor's Commencement by Willa Sibert Cather

Professor's Experiment by Edward Page Mitchell

Professor's House by Willa Cather

Profitable Weakness by George Gissing

Profits of Religion by Upton Sinclair

Progressionists by Conrad von Bolanden

Prologue by Gertrude Atherton

Promise of Lucy Ellen by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Promise of the Dawn, A Christmas Story - The Atlantic

Promised Land by Owen Wister

Promissory Note by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Promoter by Paul Laurence Dunbar

Proof by Frederick Cornell

Prophet and A Piute by Edgar Wilson Bill Nye

Prophet of Berkeley Square by Robert Smythe Hichens

Prophet of the Great Smoky Mountains by Charles Egbert Craddock

Proposal On the Elevated by Jacob A. Riis

Proposal to Pay off the Debt of the Nation by Jonathan Swift

Prose of Alfred Lichtenstein by Alfred Lichtenstein
Protection, A Christmas Story by Valerie Bryusov
Protection of Ocean Liners by Joseph Conrad

Proud Little Grain of Wheat by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Provost by John Galt

Prunella by Andrew Lang

Prussian Officer by D. H. Lawrence

Psmith in the City by P. G. Wodehouse

Psmith, Journalist by Pelham Grenville Wodehouse

Psyche and the Pskyscraper by O Henry

Psyche's Art by Louisa M. Alcott

Psychic Experiences by Sara A. Underwood

Psychic or Supermundane Forces by Cora L. V. Richmond

Psychical Researcher's Tale - The Sceptical Poltergeist by J. D. Beresford

Psychological Shipwreck by Ambrose Bierce

Psychology by Robert S. Woodworth

Punch, Brothers, Punch by Mark Twain

Punctiliousness of Don Sebastian by William Somerset Maugham

Punin and Baburin by Ivan Turgenev

Pupasse by Grace E. King

Pupil by Henry James

Purchase Price by Emerson Hough

Puritan, or The Widow of Watling Street by Thomas Middleton
Purple Emperor by Robert W. Chambers

Purple Heights by Marie Conway Oemler

Purple Land by W. H. Hudson

Purple Pileus by H. G. Wells

Purpose by Hermann Sudermann

Pursuit of the Ideal by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Pursuit of the Well Beloved by Thomas Hardy

Pushed and the Return Push by George Herbert Fosdike Nichols

Pushing to the Front by Orison Swett Marden

Puss in Boots by Charles Perrault

Pussy Dean's Beacon Fire by Sarah J. Prichard

Pussy's Kitten, from Harper's

Put Yourself in His Place by Charles Reade

Putnam's Narrow Escape by Benson J. Lossing

Putting Me on a Platform! by Jonathan F. Kelley

Puzzle of Dickens's Last Plot by Andrew Lang

Pyetushkov by Ivan Turgenev

Pyramus And Thisbe by By Henry James




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