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S is for Shiftless Susanna by Kathleen Norris

Sabbath of A Great Auther by Edgar Wilson Bill Nye

Sacrificial Altar by Gertrude Atherton

Sad, But True Story by Unknown

Sad Fortunes of the Reverend Amos Barton by George Eliot

Saddest of India's Pictures by Vera Chilson

Safety Match by Anton Chekhov

Saï the Panther, edited by Andrew Lang

Sail on the Nile by Sara Keables Hunt

Sailing the Mississippi at Midnight by Walt Whitman

Sailorman by Richard Harding Davis

Saint Anthony by Guy de Maupassant

Saint Augustine by Arthur Symons

Saint Luke's Summer by Mary Cholmondeley

Saint Martin's Temptation by Margaret J. Preston

Saint Nicholas Eve by Camille Lemonnier

Saint Patrick by Heman White Chaplin

Saint Romualdo by Emma Lazarus

Saints, and Their Bodies - The Atlantic

Salammbo by Gustave Flaubert

Sale by Guy de Maupassant

Sale of Uncle Rastus by Will Nathaniel Harben

Salmon and Salmon Poachers in the Border by John & Jean Lang

Salmon Fishing in Canada by S. C. Clarke

Salt and it's Value - from Harper's

Salt Water Aquarium by A. W. Roberts

Saltbush Bill, J.P., and Other Verses by A. B. ("Banjo") Paterson

Salted With Fire by George MacDonald

Salting of the Great North-Eastern Fields by Frederick Cornell

Salvation of George Mackintosh by P. G. Wodehouse

Salvini's Othello by A. F.

Samantha Among the Brethren by Josiah Allen's Wife (Marietta Holley)

Sambo: A Man and A Brother by S. A. Sheilds

Samuel Smiles, the Author of "Self-Help" by John T. Faris

Samuel the Seeker by Upton Sinclair

San Pantaleone by Gabriele d'Annunzio

Sanctuary by Edith Wharton
Sand Man by Ernst T. W. Hoffmann

Sandra Belloni by George Meredith

Sandshore Wooing by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Sanine by Michael Artzibashef

Sankey's Double Header by Frank H. Spearman

Santa Claus Visits the Van Johnsons

Sapphira by Gouverneur Morris

Sarah Walker by Bret Harte

Sarojini Naidu by Arthur Symons

Sarrasine by Honore de Balzac

Satan's Tongue-Pie by Anatole France

Saturday's Child by Kathleen Norris

Satyr by Barry Pain
Saunderson and the Dynamite by Louis Becke

Saved by Faith by Ian Maclaren

Saxon God by Marguerite F. Aymar

Scamper Through the Park by Edgar Wilson Bill Nye

Scapegoat by Hall Caine

Scapegoat by Paul Laurence Dunbar

Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Scene in the Campagna by T. Adolphus Trollope

Scenes from a Courtesan's Life by Honore de Balzac

Scenes of Charlotte Bronte's Life in Brussels by Theo Wolfe

School Days of an Indian Girl by Zitkala-Sa

School Girl by T. S. Arthur
School Story by M.R. James

School Teacher and His Family Take A Summer Holiday by the Sea by Harry Soiberg

Schoolboy's Story by Charles Dickens

Schoolmaster and Other Stories by Anton Chekhov

Schoolmaster's Letters by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Schoolmistress and Other Stories by Anton Chekov

Schools and Schools by O Henry

Schwalliger's Philanthropy by Paul Laurence Dunbar

Schwartz, A History by David Christie Murray

Science of “Diddling” by Jonathan F. Kelley

Science to the Front by Ambrose Bierce

Scientific Life by S. Weir Mitchell
Scoring of the Raja by W.A. Fraser

Scotch Express by Stephen Crane

Scottish Chiefs by Jane Porter

Scoured Silk by Marjorie Bowen

Scourhill's Adventures by E. V. Lucas

Scouting with Daniel Boone by Everett T. Tomlinson

Scouts of the Valley by Joseph A. Altsheler
Screaming Skull by F. Marion Crawford

Scrubwoman by Dorothy Canfield

Scrupulous Father by George Gissing

Sculptor's Funeral by Willa Sibert Cather

Scuppaug - The Atlantic

Sea Cucumbers - Harper's

Sea Fishing in Australia by Louis Becke

Sea Fogs by Robert Louis Stevenson

Sea Hare by Grimm Brothers

Sea Hawk by Rafael Sabatini

Sea Lions, or, The Lost Sealers Vol. 1 by James Fenimore Cooper

Sea of Troubles by P. G. Wodehouse

Sea Raiders by H. G. Wells

Sea Witch by Maturin Murray

Sea Wolf by Jack London

Sealed Room by Bernhard Severin Ingemann

Search for Jean Baptiste by Mary Austin

Search for the Silver City by James Otis

Search Party's Find by Grant Allen

Sea's Dead by Katharine Tynan

Seaton's Aunt by Walter De La Mare

Second Bass by James Owen Hannay

Second Chance by Nellie L. McClung

Second Choice by Theodore Dreiser

Second Funeral of Napoleon by William Makepeace Thackeray

Second Generation by David Graham Phillips

Second Home by Honore de Balzac

Second Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling

Second Maiden's Tragedy by Thomas Middleton

Second Satellite by Edmond Hamilton

Second Seventy Seven by Frank H. Spearman

Second Spring by Sarah Orne Jewett

Second Trial, A College Scene - Our Dumb Animals

Second Violin by Grace S. Richmond

Secret Cave of Hydas by F. Barford
Secret Chamber by Margaret Oliphant

Secret City by Hugh Walpole

Secret Curse, on that Old Building Hung, the Lonely House

Secret of Macarger's Gulch by Ambrose Bierce

Secret of Telegraph Hill by Bret Harte

Secret of the Growing Gold by Bram Stoker
Secret of the Stradivarius by Hugh Conway

Secret Rose by W. B. Yeats

Secrets of the German War Office by Dr. Armgaard Karl Graves

Secrets of the Princesse de Cadignan by Honore de Balzac

Sedjaret Malayou, translated by M. Devic and Chauncey C. Starkweather

Seed of the Faith by Edith Wharton

Seeds by Sherwood Anderson

Seeing the Last of You by Henry Lawson

Seeking His Fortune by Mrs. W. J. Hays

Seela, the Seal by Ellen Velvin

Select Party by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Select Conversations with an Uncle by H. G. Wells

Selection From The Lyrical Poems Of Robert Herrick by Robert Herrick

Selector's Daughter by Henry Lawson
Self Help by W.W. Jacobs

Self Made Man by Stephen Crane

Self Raised by Emma Dorothy Eliza Nevitte Southworth

Self Seer by Dinah Maria Craik

Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde

Selim, the Benefactor of Mankind by James Kirke Paulding

Selling a Landlord by Jonathan F. Kelley

Selling Miss Minerva by Earl Derr Biggers

Send Round the Hat by Henry Lawson

Sending of Dana Da by Rudyard Kipling

Senility by Sherwood Anderson

Seniority by Howard Glyndon

Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen

Sentiment and "Feelin" by Mrs. Francis Blundell

Sentiment and the Use of Rouge by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Sentimental Journey by Sherwood Anderson

Sentimental Journey through France and Italy by Laurence Sterne

Sentimental Soul by Kate Chopin

Septimius Felton by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Sequel by T. S. Arthur

Serapis by Georg Ebers

Sermon in A Stone

Sermon of the Merry Vicar of Meudon by Honore de Balzac

Serpent's Story by Leonid Andreyev

Servant by S. T. Semyonov

Servant Girl's Point of View by Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr

Servant of Servants by August Strindberg

Service of Love by O Henry

Setna and the Magic Book by W. M. Flinders Petrie

Setness of Theodosia by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Setting the Brook to Work by William O. Stoddard

Settler and the Savage by R.M. Ballantyne

Seven Branched Candlestick by Gilbert W. Gabriel

Seven Foals - Edited by Andrew Lang

Seven for a Secret by Mary Webb

Seven Good Years by August Strindberg

Seven Little Australians by Ethel Turner

Seven Miles to Arden by Ruth Sawyer

Seven Poor Travellers by Charles Dickens

Seven Ravens by Grimm Brothers

Seven Swabians by Grimm Brothers

Seven Vagabonds by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Seven Who Were Hanged by Leonid Andreyev

Seven Wives Of Bluebeard by Anatole France

Seventeen by Booth Tarkington

Severed Hand by Wilhelm Hauff

Severin Comes Home by Paul Alverdes

Sewingshields Castle, and the Sunken Treasure of Broomlee Lough by John & Jean Lang

Sex Problem Again by Henry Lawson

Sexton's Hero by Elizabeth Gaskell

Shabby Genteel Story by William Makepeace Thackeray

Shades, A Phantasy by Vladimir G. Korlenko

Shadow and the Flash by Jack London

Shadow Before by Arthur Conan Doyle

Shadow by Hans Christian Andersen

Shadow by Mary White Ovington
Shadow in the Corner by M. E. Braddon

Shadow of A Midnight, A Ghost Story by Maurice Baring

Shadow of the Cathedral by Vicente Blasco Ibanez

Shadow of the Sword by Robert Buchanan

Shadow on the Fancher Twins by Edward Page Mitchell

Shadows by T. S. Arthur

Shadows of Flames by Amelie Rives

Shadows of Shasta by Joaquin Miller
Shadows of the Dead by Louis Becke

Shadowy Third by Ellen Glasgow

Shaker Bridal by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Shaker Lovers, and Other Tales by Daniel P. Thompson

Shall our Daughters have Dowries? by Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr

Shall We Compromise? - The Atlantic

Shall We Gather at the River? by Henry Lawson

Shame of Motley by Raphael Sabatini

Shams by Elizabeth Gaskell

Shandon Waters by Kathleen Norris

Shanty Keeper's Wife by Henry Lawson

Sharon's Choice by Owen Wister

Shaving of Shagpat by George Meredith

Shavings by Joseph C. Lincoln

Shawn of Skarrow by James Tandy Ellis

Shearer's Dream by Henry Lawson

Sheener by Ben Ames Williams

Sheep Stealing in Tweeddale by John & Jean Lang

Sheik by Robert E. Howard

Shelley by One Who Knew Him - The Atlantic

Shenac's Work at Home by Margaret Murray Robertson

Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep by Hans Christian Andersen

Sheriff and His Partner by Frank Harris

Sheriff of Kona by Jack London

Sheriff of Siskyou by Bret Harte

Sheriff's Children by Charles Waddell Chesnutt

Shin Bones by Jack London

Ship Building by Lieut. J. A. Lockwood

Ship of '49 by Bret Harte

Ship of the Desert by A. E. T.

Ship of the Desert, edited by Andrew Lang

Ship That Saw A Ghost by Frank Norris

Ships Past and Present, from Harper's

Shirley by Charlotte Bronte

Shoemaker and the Devil by Anton Chekov

Shoes of Fortune by Hans Christian Andersen

Shoes That Were Danced to Pieces by Grimm Brothers

Shootings of Achnaleish by E. F. Benson

Shore Leave by Edna Ferber
Short Defence of Villains by Agnes Repplier

Short Tale of A Rabbit by Nellie McClung

Shorter Catechism by John Buchan

Shortest Bamboo, or How to Catch A Thief, An East Indian Story

Shot by Alexander Poushkin

Show by Knuth Beeper

Shrapnel of Their Friends by Stephen Crane

Shrove Tuesday by Anton Chekhov

Shuttered House by A.E.W. Mason

Siccatee, the Squirrel by Ellen Velvin

Siclone Clark by Frank H. Spearman

Siege of Berlin and Other Stories by Alphonse Daudet

Siege of Cincinnati - The Atlantic

Siegfried's Death by James Huneker

Sieur George by George W. Cable

Sight to the Blind by Lucy Furman

Signal by Vsevolod M. Garshin

Signal Tower by Wadsworth Camp

Signora and Lori, edited by Andrew Lang

Silent Guardian by Robert Smythe Hichens

Silver Dome by Harl Vincent

Silver Pageant by Stephen Crane

Silver Party by Louisa M. Alcott

Silver Spot by Zoe Meyer

Silver Star by Nellie Holderness

Sim Vedder's Kite by W. O. Stoddard

Simeli Mountain by Grimm Brothers
Simple Act of Piety by Achmed Abdullah

Simple Simon's Misfortunes and his Wife Margery's Cruelty

Simpleton by Andrew Lang

Sin of Extravagance - Youth's Companion

Sing Song of Old Man Kangaroo by Rudyard Kipling

Singing Bone by Grimm Brothers

Singing, Springing Lark by Grimm Brothers

Singular Family by Clelia Lega Weeks

Singular Hamlet by Edgar Wilson Bill Nye

Singular Passage in the Life of the Late Henry Harris by Richard Barham

Sinking Ship by Robert Louis Stevenson

Sioux Falls Divorce Colony by James Realf, Jr.

Sir Agravaine, A Tale of King Arthur's Round Table by P. G. Wodehouse

Sir Dominick Ferrand by Henry James

Sir Galahad by James Owen Hannay
Sir Henry Hayes by John Lang

Sir Timothy's Dinner Party by James Owen Hannay

Sis' Becky's Pickaninny by Charles Waddell Chesnutt

Sister Josepha by Alice Dunbar

Sister Maddelena by Ralph Adams Cram

Sister Weeden's Prayer by Katherine Sherwood Bonner McDowell

Sisters by James Joyce

Sisters by T. S. Arthur

Sisters Confession by Guy de Maupassant

Sisters of the Golden Circle by O Henry

Six Dozen of Port by Arthur Machen

Six Months Among Cannibals  - Lippincott's

Six Servants by Grimm Brothers

Six Sillies - Story from, M. Lemoine. La Tradition. No, 34,

Six Swans by Grimm Brothers

Six Weeks at Heppenheim by Elizabeth Gaskell

Sixteen Bells by A. E. W. Mason

Sixty Two Little Tadpoles by Jane Andrews

Skeleton in the Closet by J. Thomas Darragh

Skeleton Lake, An Episode in Camp by Algernon Blackwood

Sketch of Mateship by Henry Lawson

Skilful Huntsman by Grimm Brothers

Skipper of the "Osprey" by W. W. Jacobs

Skipper's Schooner by Jonathan F. Kelley

Skipping Shoes by Louisa M. Alcott

Skippy of Scrabble Alley by Jacob A. Riis

Skulls by Ivan Turgenev
Skulls in the Stars by Robert E. Howard

Sky Scraper by Frank H. Spearman

Skylight Room by O Henry

Skyscraper Horror by Paul Chadwick

Slains Castle by Lady Blanche Murphy

Slander by Anton Chekhov

Sleeping Beauty in the Wood by Charles Perrault

Sleeping Car Experience by Bret Harte

Sleeping Car Serenade by W. G. B.

Sleepy by Anton Chekhov

Sleet and Snow by Sarah J. Prichard

Sleigh Ride by Henry K. Oliver

Slender Romance by Ruth McEnery Stuart

Slight Misunderstanding by A. A. Milne

Slip Under the Microscope by H. G. Wells

Slipper Maker's Fast by Jacob A. Riis

Slow and Sure by T. S. Arthur

Slow Poison by Alice Duer Miller

Sluggard by August Strindberg

Sluggard by P. G. Wodehouse

Slype House by Arthur Christopher Benson

Small Fry by Anton Chekov

Smith, An Episode in A Lodging House by Algernon Blackwood
Smith and the Pharaohs by H. Rider Haggard

Smith's Sister, A Story by A Boy About A Girl by Robert Overton

Snake by Stephen Crane

Snake Stories, edited by Andrew Lang

Snake, the Leper and the Grey Frost by Arthur Christopher Benson

Snaking out Sturgeons by Jonathan F. Kelley

Snipe by Guy de Maupassant

Snow, All through the long hours of yesterday - Atlantic

Snow Babies' Christmas by Jacob A. Riis

Snow Man by Hans Christian Andersen

Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen

Snow White and Rose Red by Grimm Brothers

Snowdrop - Edited by Andrew Lang
Snowstorm by Alexander Poushkin
Soaked in Seaweed by Stephen Leacock

Society by Virginia Woolf

Socrates by August Strindberg

Soda Water Sal by Frank H. Spearman

Soft Answer by T. S. Arthur

Soft Hearted Sioux by Zitkala-Sa

Softening of Miss Cynthia by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Sojourner Truth, the Libyan Sibyl. - Atlantic

Solar System - Harper's

Solepa by Louis Becke

Solicitor by A. A. Milne

Solitary by Katharine Tynan
Some Famous Ghosts of the National Capitol edited by Joseph Lewis French

Some February Stars by Arthur Machen

Some Inhabitants of Africa - Harper's

Some Panther Stories by Various Writers

Some Passages in Shelley's Early History by January Searle

Some Short Christmas Stories by Charles Dickens

Some Weak Spots in the French Republic by Theodore Stanton

Something About Fans - from Harper's

Something to Worry About by P. G. Wodehouse

Somewhere in France by Richard Harding Davis

Somnambulism - Harper's

Son by Guy de Maupassant

Son of Liszt by James Huneker

Song by May Edginton

Song of Death by Hermann Sudermann

Song of Nature. Mine are the night and morning,

Song of the Morrow by Robert Louis Stevenson

Song of the Negro Boatmen - Atlantic

Song of the Opal by Mollie Evelyn Moore Davis

Song of the Wren by Mrs. Margaret Eytinge

Song of Triumphant Love [MDXLII] by by Ivan Turgenev

Songs of Mirza Schaffy by Auber Forestier

Songs They used to Sing by Henry Lawson

Sonia by Knud Sonderby

Son's Veto by Thomas Hardy

Sophie's Secret by Louisa M. Alcott

Sophy-As-She-Might-Have-Been by Edna Ferber

Sordid Affair by Arthur Conan Doyle

Soria Moria Castle - From, P. C. Asbjornsen

Sorrow by Anton Chekov

Sorrowful Guest by Sarah Orne Jewett

Soul Master by Will Smith and R. J. Robbins
Soul of Rose Dédé by M.E.M. Davis

Soul That Was Not at Home by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Souls Belated by Edith Wharton

Soup From A Sausage Skewer by Hans Christian Andersen

South American Editor by Edward Everett Hale

South Sea Bubble of Charles Du Breil by Louis Becke

South Shore Weather Bureau by Joseph C. Lincoln

Southern Planter by Will Wallace Harney

Sovereigns and Sons - The Atlantic
Space by John Buchan

Spare Moments - Selected

Sparrow And His Four Children by Grimm Brothers

Sparrow by Ivan Turgenev

Spasm by Guy de Maupassant

Spawn of the Stars by by Charles Willard Diffin
Spear and Fang by Robert E. Howard

Speech on the Babies by Mark Twain

Speech on the Weather by Mark Twain

Spelling Bee - Sunday School Evangelist

Sphinx by Ivan Turgenev

Sphinx Without A Secret by Oscar Wilde

Spider and the Gout by Mrs. Francis Blundell

Spider's Web by Maurice Baring

Spindle, The Shuttle, and the Needle by Grimm Brothers

Spinner of Silence by James Huneker

Spinning Top by Sholem Naumovich Rabinovich

Spirit in the Bottle by Grimm Brothers

Spirit of Mount Apo by Sargent Kayme

Spirit of the Range by B. M. Bower

Spirits, Did you ever see a ghost? - The Atlantic

Splendour by Arthur Machen

Spook House by Ambrose Bierce
Spook of Diamond Island edited by Joseph Lewis French

Sportsman's Sketches, Vol. I by Ivan Turgenev

Spread Eagle and Other Stories by Gouverneur Morris

Spring by Agnes Henningsen

Spring Running by Rudyard Kipling

Spring Wanderings by John Addington Symonds

Springtime A La Carte by O Henry

Squall by Fannie Hurst

Squash of the Esvidos by Mary E. Bamford

Squaw by Bram Stoker

Squire's Madness by Stephen Crane

Squirrels and Wild Cats - Harper's

Squirrels that Live in A House by Harriet Beecher Stowe

St. George and the Dragon by Arthur Machen

St. George and the Dragon by Robert Grant

St. George the Chevalier by Anna Kingsford

St. John's Eve by Nikolai Vasilievitch Gogol

St. Peter and Mordecai by Johannes Jorgensen

St. Ulric Doll by the Author of Catskill Fairies

Stage in Italy by R. Davey

Staley Fleming's Hallucination by Ambrose Bierce

Standing Bear's Speech - Indian Journal

Star by H. G. Wells

Star by Maurice Baring

Star in the Vally by Charles Egbert Craddock

Star That Breathes, the Milky Way

Starling of Segringen, edited by Andrew Lang

Staying Power of Sir Rohan by Frank R. Stockton

Steadfast Tin Soldier by Hans Christian Andersen

Steepside, A Ghost Story by Anna Kingsford

Stephen the Smith by Ernst Zahn

Stick in the Muds by Rupert Hughes

Stiff Condition by Herman Whitaker

Still Waters Run Deep; or, the Dancing Dog, edited by Andrew Lang

Stocks and Stones by John Buchan

Stolen Bacillus by H. G. Wells

Stolen Brains by Captain S. P. Meek

Stone by Henry Goodman

Stone of Boxman's Drift by Arthur Conan Doyle

Stories about Ants, edited by Andrew Lang

Stories about Bears, edited by Andrew Lang

Stories about Lions, edited by Andrew Lang

Stories about Snakes by Grimm Brothers

Stories about Wolves, edited by Andrew Lang

Stories by American Authors, Volume 5, by Various

Stories by English Authors, England by Various

Stories by English Authors, Ireland by Various

Stories by English Authors, The Sea by Various

Stories by Foreign Authors, German V.1 by Various

Stories by Foreign Authors, German V.2 by Various

Stories by Foreign Authors, Italian by Various

Stories by Foreign Authors, Polish by Various

Stories by Foreign Authors, Russian by Various

Stories by Foreign Authors, Scandinavian by Various

Stories by Foreign Authors, Spanish by Various

Stories from Everybody's Magazine, the 1910 Issues

Stories from Pliny, edited by Andrew Lang

Stories from the Mines - Harper's

Stories Mother Nature Told Her Children by Jane Andrews

Stories of Childhood by Various

Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans by Edward Eggleston

Stories of the Border Marches by John Lang and Jean Lang

Stories Worth Rereading by Various

Storks by Hans Christian Andersen
Story in the Notebook by August Groner

Story of a Day by Grace E. King

Story of a Farm Girl by Guy de Maupassant

Story of a Frog, edited by Andrew Lang

Story of a Mother by Hans Christian Andersen

Story of a Photograph by Margaret Thomas

Story of a Weasel, edited by Andrew Lang

Story of a Winged Tramp by Fletcher Reade

Story of an Invitation by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Story of Androcles and the Lion, edited by Andrew Lang

Story of Baelbrow by E. and H. Heron

Story of Bensurdatu by Andrew Lang

Story of Bleecker Street by Jacob A. Riis

Story of Blue Beard, edited by R. H. Cunningham

Story of Capt. Paul by Jonathan F. Kelley

Story of Dschemil and Dschemila by Andrew Lang

Story of Father Anthony O'Toole by Katharine Tynan

Story of Fido, edited by Andrew Lang

Story of Gentleman Once by Henry Lawson

Story of Grandma, Lorenzo, and the Monkey by Mrs. A. M. Diaz

Story of Grizel Cochrane, A Romance of Real Life by W. R. C.

Story of Jubal Who Had No "I" by August Strindberg

Story of Karin, A Danish Legend - The Atlantic

Story of Keesh by Jack London

Story of Konnor Old House by E. and H. Heron

Story of Muhammad Din by Rudyard Kipling

Story of Obed, Orah, and the Smoking-Cap by Mrs. A. M. Diaz

Story of Prince Fairyfoot by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Story of Saddler's Croft by E. and H. Heron

Story of Sevens Hall by E. and H. Heron

Story of Sigurd - Edited by Andrew Lang

Story of Stories by Theodore Dreiser

Story of Thanksgiving Time

Story of the Amber Beads by Jane Andrews

Story of the Deluge by Edward Page Mitchell

Story of the Dog Oscar, edited by Andrew Lang

Story of the Fair Circassians by Andrew Lang

Story of the Late Mr. Elvesham by H. G. Wells

Story of the Oracle by Henry Lawson

Story of the Queen of the Flowery Isles by Andrew Lang

Story of the Remarkable Man Who Married A Fox by Peter Freuchen

Story of the Rippling Train by Mary Louisa Molesworth

Story of the Spaniards, Hammersmith by E. and H. Heron

Story of the St. Gotthard by August Strindberg

Story of the Summer Boarder, Moses, And the Two Visitors by the Family Story Teller

Story of the Three Sons of Hali by Andrew Lang

Story of the Vere De Vere by Anne Reeve Aldrich

Story of the Youth Who Went Forth to Learn What Fear Was by Grimm Brothers

Story of Uncle Dick by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Story of Wassili and Daria, A Russian Story by Robert Guillemard

Story of Yand Manor House by E. and H. Heron

Story Told by the Sea by W. C. Morrow

Story Which Will Never Be Finished by Leonid Andreyev

Story Without A Title by Anton Chekhov

Story Without An End by Anton Chekhov

Straightening Out the Furrows - Selected

Strand From Above, From the Danish of Johannes Jorgensen

Strange Adventure of Mr. Andrew Hawthorn by John Buchan

Strange Adventures of A Private Secretary in New York by Algernon Blackwood

Strange Case Of Joan Winterbourne by A. E. W. Mason

Strange Fellow Voyager - Harper's

Strange History of Cagnotte, edited by Andrew Lang
Strange Island by Louisa May Alcott

Strange Land and A Peculiar People by Will Wallace Harney

Strange Ride of Morrowbie Jukes by Rudyard Kipling

Strange Sea Industries and Adventures by Will Wallace Harney

Strange Story by Ivan Turgenev
Strange Tale of Cannibalism by Lafcadio Hearn

Strange Tiger, edited by Andrew Lang

Strange Visitor by Maud Heighington

Strange Voice by Dora Sigerson Shorter

Stranger, A Romance of Real Life by H. G. Bell

Stranger by Ambrose Bierce

Stranger Knocked by Marjorie Bowen

Stranger Things by Mildred Cram

Stranger Within the Gates of Paris by Lucy H. Hooper

Stranger Woman by G,B. Stern

Strasburg Clock - Atlantic

Strathsays - Mrs. Strathsay sat in her broad bower-window

Straw, the Coal, and the Bean by Grimm Brothers

Strayed Allegiance by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Strayed Singer by Kate Hillard

Streams of Water in the South by John Buchan

Street Musicians by Andrew Lang

Street Scene in New York by Stephen Crane

Strength of Clinton by Benjamin Keech
Strength of Men by James Oliver Curwood

Strict Confidence by Grant Allen

Striding Place by Gertrude Atherton

Strike at Putney by Lucy Maud Montgomery

String Quartet by Virginia Woolf

Striped Chest by Arthur Conan Doyle

Stroll by Guy de Maupassant

Strollers in Tiverton by Alice Brown

Strong Hans by Grimm Brothers

Strong Impressions by Anton Chekhov

Study of Shakespeare's Sonnets by Kate Hillard

Stuff, and Science by Arthur Machen

Stuff of Heroes by Will Lillibridge

Styrian Wine Carter by Rudolf Hans Bartsch

Substitute by James Payn

Substitute Journalist by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Succubus by Honore de Balzac

Summer Boarders And Others by Edgar Wilson Bill Nye

Summer Cold by A. A. Milne

Summer Fashions - Harper's

Summons Home by Eleanor H. Porter

Sun at Midnight - Harper's

Sun Dog Trail by Jack London

Sunchild by Andrew Lang

Sunday at the World’s Fair by WM. H. Armstrong

Sundays of A Bourgeois by Guy de Maupassant

Sundered Hearts by P. G. Wodehouse

Sundowners by Henry Lawson

Sunshine, and Her Brothers and Sisters by Louisa M. Alcott

Sunshine Stories by Hans Christian Andersen

Superman by Fannie Hurst

Superstitious Man's Story by Thomas Hardy

Supreme Illusion by Arnold Bennett

Surrender by Robert Grant

Surrender of Forty Fort by Stephen Crane

Survivor's Story by Edward Everett Hale

Suspicious Gift by Algernon Blackwood

Swamp Doctor's Adventures by Henry Clay Lewis

Swamp Swallowed by Alexander Montgomery

Swearing Off by T. S. Arthur

Swedish Match by Anton Chekhov

Swedish Provincial Theatre by G. H.

Sweet Day by Ada Cambridge

Sweet Waters by Edwin De Leon

Sweetheart Roland by Grimm Brothers

Swineherd by Hans Christian Andersen

Sword of Welleran and Other Stories by Lord Dunsany
Swords of Shahrazar by Robert E. Howard

Symphony by Sidney Lanier

Symphony in Lavender by Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman




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