Types Of Books

Types of Books

The word “books” has a broad meaning. It could be a printed material fastened together but for some, it is more than just a sheet of paper. In fact, books are the best companions as they stay with you for a longer time.

Every person has a perfect choice of the genre but a better understanding of its type will surprise you. Our preferred genre varies according to our preference. It may be a result of a person’s personality, options, or the way we look at life.

In this article, we will lead you to better understand the types of books and their types.

Fiction, non-fiction, and various genres in books.
Fiction, non-fiction, and various genres in books.

Understanding the Types of Books

A better understanding of the types of books varies in different aspects. It could be the way the author writes, the subject itself, and the target audience. A book’s main goal is to impart knowledge or for entertainment purposes. After all, it ends up depending on the individual’s choice of books.

What Is A Genre?

A reader’s choice of books falls on a so-called “genre”. Therefore, books fall into a category and each category is what we call a genre. As a fact, this word also appears not only in books but also in movies and music.

It’s easy to identify a book’s genre in terms of tone or theme. In some cases, you’ll get confused when it falls into complex categories. That is why it is crucial to understand which category each book is classified into.

Different Types of Books


Generally, books fall into the genre of fiction and nonfiction categories. Here are some books which fall under fiction:

  • Classics — These most popular and must-read books have been around for years. In fact, classic books are used in school.
  • Tragedy — Based on characters and falls on suffering and tragedies, emotions and conflicts are well-expressed in the plot.
  • Sci-Fi — Also known as science fiction, the setting, and plot explain science and technology and are presented accurately.
  • Fantasy — Books like this present stories around the strange and the supernatural. Writers use magic, folklore, and mythologies as inspirations.
  • Action and Adventure — Both types leave readers feeling excited and anxious. The plot usually begins in an ordinary setting until it moves to unexpected plots and endings.
  • Crime and Mystery — These books take the reader to take the position to solve the story.
  • Romance — This illustrates a loving relationship between two people. In fact, it actually captures the hearts of women who are fanatics of romance.
  • Humour and Satire — Humorous books give readers the feeling of amusement and laughter while a book written with satirical tones presents exaggeration.
  • Horror — This type leaves the reader scared and in shock. It intends to scare or frightens the reader.
  • Comics — This feature stories that are depicted in pictures with dialogues. It is very appealing to the young generations with its creative images.


On the other hand, non-fiction books are fewer compared to fiction books. Here are the types of non-fiction books:

  • Biography and Autobiography — A biography presents a detailed and personal narrative of someone’s life. On the other hand, autobiography is where the writer is the subject itself.
  • Memoirs — Memoirs have similarities with autobiographies, but focus on a specific event or moment of an individual.
  • Cookbooks — Sometimes called cookery books, these are collections of recipes.
  • True Stories — These are true-to-life stories or history. It can also include documentaries.
  • Self Help — This one helps readers improve people’s lives as it usually focuses on personal development and the like.

Main takeaway

Books are indeed access to exploring new ideas. Apart from being sources of entertainment and inspiration, various genres provide you the opportunity to explore more and transform not only the reader’s perspectives but life itself.